Sami Jackson

Who am i?


My name is Sepehr Hosseini with the nick name Sami Jackson. I was born in 1999. When I was studying at high school, I found out that I’m talented in a unique art which is called photography in common. I can obviously remember my first intentional photo (I was like I-take-this-as-a-photographer) that is attached to this page, you can see it. And finally! That was the time I found one it my talents that I’m so proud of, yeah!
By the time passing, I read and watched loads of things about the photography and got so much more interested in it. In addition, I tried to practice the techniques I learned to improve my skill which results to what you can see now! The interesting thing about this world is that there is no limit in it; and you can learn new things almost forever (according to an unknown source, lol). So I never so learning…

I started serious capturing the beauty of nature in 2013 since I was 14 years old. I’ve been taking photos by two smartphones, Huawei G6 and Lumia 640 XL. and now Galaxy A50. I found out that I like time-lapse photography so I started to take some time-lapses and created video clips using them which are all available on my YouTube page. My hometown is Karaj in Alborz province which is the base of many of my photography and film locations.

During all these years, I’ve had editing as my passion core and since 2018, I have practiced and improved my editing abilities in the world’s most famous softwares of film editing, Adobe premiere and After effects.

Back to my very story, I started searching for a low budget smartphone that has a good camera and enough manual settings and ended up buying a Windows Phone. In that time it was a unique choice because it provided me a lot of options in a very professional app. It’s been 4 years now(until 2020) that I have the phone and have captured hundreds of photos and films. Ooh i said films, well I firstly created some photo side shows for myself and my family even before I got into photo taking! In 2019 I tried my potential for making mini (short) films such as “magnified world” (which is available here), and I guess this must be my second talent; I get feed back from my fans to improve myself. Aw, and.. I wanna open a new door and get a sufficient camera; it is gonna be so exciting to me, yesss!

Currently, working as a freeelancer.

  • The fields I am active on:
    – Macro, Landscape and Nature photography
    – Time lapse photography
    – Filmmaking and creating trailer
    – Editing photo and video


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Last updated June 22, 2022

sami jackson sepehr hosseini
first photo sami jackson
first photo by Sami Jackson
sami jackson sepehr hosseini